Trial: Metallic Polyester Fabrics for Traditional Performing Art Costumes

Sputtering Roll To Roll Metallic Fabric
Sputtering Roll To Roll Metallic Fabric 2

This project aims to manufacture traditional costumes for performing art using metallic polyester fabrics developed by our Roll-to-Roll (RtR) sputtering system. These polyester fabrics are coated with metal which offer good and vibrant colour performance and shiny appearance. The project will develop a number of polyester fabrics for the design of costumes for Chinese opera performance in collaboration with a local performing art and education organisation. Considering the movement of performer, these metallic polyester textiles will have protective functions such as anti-bacteria, water-repellence, and UV protection.


These metallic fabrics obtain their shiny appearance from our developed RtR sputtering system. With good outlook, colourfastness and lightness, these fabrics are ideal to be used in designing and producing Chinese opera costumes.

Industry Benefit

The developed metallic textiles can facilitate the promotion of traditional opera performance and cultural heritage.

Technological Breakthrough
  • The manufacturing of the metallic textiles is eco-friendly. The process is non-aqueous and thus there is no sewage discharged.
  • Compared with other fabrics that give a metallic appearance such as silk or satin, these metallic fabrics offer a more dynamic effect of light and shadow.

Project Name (ITF)

Trial: Manufacturing Metallic Silk and Polyester Textiles Using the Developed RtR Sputtering System — Traditional Costumes for Performing Art

Project Number (ITF)