Ultra-breathable and Light Textile Structure for Multidimensional Moisture Management


This project develops an ultra-breathable and lightweight textile structure for precise management of moisture and heat multidimensionally. The solution is an eco-friendly approach, with outstanding features including exceptional moisture and heat management properties, skin-friendly comfort, antibacterial properties.

Breathable textiles have become more popular in the apparel market, as consumers concern not only outlook but the functions and properties of clothes. In view of the growing demand, this project develops textiles with excellent moisture management, permeability, lightness and comfortability.

What is the design of the ultra-breathable and lightweight textiles?

These ultra-breathable and lightweight textiles are developed through meticulous-designed key parameters such as the twisting degree, the loop arrangement of yarns, and the fabric substrates surrounding the functional pores. The formation of micro-pores and micro-grooves within the fabric enables a precise control over the core absorption height and transmission rate at different positions.


As the textiles are light, ultra-breathable and with good moisture management property, they are ideal for making underwear, home wear or leisure wear.

Industry Benefit

There is no limitation of fibres and manufacturers can use either natural or synthetic raw materials or both. In our pursuit of superior textile performance, natural fibres such as cotton could be greatly utilised.

Technological Breakthrough

With the introduction of these functional pores, the number of internal voids within the fabric is significantly increased, enhancing porosity and surface area. The presence of these functional pores can also create a great number of micro-bumps. As they come into contact with the skin, the excess moisture can be efficiently absorbed and rapidly facilitated for rapid transport to the outer layer, promoting a swift evaporation of the aforementioned layer of sweat and hence effectively reducing body temperature.

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Development of an Ultra-breathable and Light Textile Structure for Multidimensional Moisture Management

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