A Reusable and Comfort Facemask as a Barrier to Microorganisms

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This project aims to develop a reusable and comfort facemask, made of material having no significant reduction in microorganism filtration and elimination after wash. Ergonomic design will be made to provide microclimate comfort to the users.

The proposed project will bridge the gaps of current product and provide an innovation technique to the industry to product high value-added facemask related products. This project is a response to the recent rising demand of facemask against airborne disease. It offers a better alternative to common facemasks in terms of comfort and environmental-friendly. Consumers are aware of the efficiency of common facemasks is also questioned because of gaps due to facial movements when talking, as well as the waste issues from disposing masks.


The facemask features an ergonomic design, with a dimensional cut designed to seamlessly and comfortably fit the face, and create a sealed structure around the face to improve the barrier effect. The multilayer design maintains excellent air permeability and breathability and its moisture control function provides improved thermal comfort within.

Along with its ergonomic design, the facemask is made with materials developed for washability, extending its life cycle. The facemask retains its filtration efficiency and a high bacterial elimination performance even after 20 times of washes. The addition of aesthetically pleasing designs may also transform the facemask into a fashion accessory, further encouraging reuse.

While reusability is an important factor in the facemask’s sustainability performance and in the reduction of production cost, another cost-effective and eco-friendly aspect is that the facemask’s 3D design is carried out by a 2D cutting. This allows for simple packaging, thus reducing unnecessary waste.

Technological Breakthrough

With its high level of comfort and adaptability to various environmental conditions, the washable facemask can be positioned as an economical, sustainable, and reliable choice for use either in a medical setting or for personal protection against pollution and airborne diseases.

46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2018) - Gold Medal
Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong - Silver Award
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Development of a Reusable and Comfort Facemask as a Barrier to Microorganisms
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