A Method for a Yarn-Spun Structure with Inherent Moisture Wicking and Fast-Drying Effects

Partnering with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), HKRITA has developed an environmentally-friendly yarn structure-based technology to improve moisture wicking, and fast-drying functionalities, good dimensional stability and strength without using chemical additives. This technology can overcome the drawbacks of both synthetic and natural fibres. By deploying physical-based coaxial and counter-rotating yarn wrapping technology, it improves moisture management effects to reduce negative impacts caused by exposure to chemical pollutants, with no extra chemicals. In addition, this technology encourages the use of natural fibres in a proportion greater than 80% and decreases the utilisation of chemical-based synthetic or manmade fibres. It can be directly applied to the secondary upcycling of stock yarns, giving the yarn a “second life”.

  • Simple, eco-friendly, and low-cost method enhance moisture wicking yarns based on physical modification of the yarn structure; no chemical is needed throughout the process
  • Innovative yarn twisting technique and covering technology to enable capillary actions, thereby improving the moisture absorption and moisture driving force of the core yarn, and enhancing the overall moisture wicking and moisture guiding effect
Industry Benefit

A breakthrough in moisture transport function of chemistry free technology to fill the current product gap and provide a core technology for future development

Technological Breakthrough
  • The yarn produced are of stable moisture absorption and permeability, chemical-free, durable
  • Stock yarns can also be enhanced with this yarn-spun structure method; there is no restriction on raw materials
Special Edition 2022 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days - Silver Award
Project Name (ITF)
A Method For A Green Yarn-Spun Structure With Moisture Wicking And Fast-Drying Effects
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