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Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong - Silver Award

Related Projects: Washable Hygienic Facemask as Barrier to Air Pollution
Because of the airborne disease in recent years, the needs of facemask increased gradually. While commonly used disposed facemask contributes to the serious challenge of waste issues. The efficiency of common facemasks is also questioned because of gaps due to facial movements when talking. It is found out that comfort is one important factor reducing the compliance of facemask in the community. This project aims to develop a reusable and comfort facemask. The material with no significant reduction in microorganisms filtration and eliminating after wash will be identified and implanted into the proposed facemask. Ergonomic design will be made to provide microclimate comfort to the users. In-vivo performance evaluation of the prototype products will be conducted. The proposed project will bridge the gaps of current product and provide an innovation technique to the industry to product high value-added facemask related products.
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