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49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2024) - Gold Medal

Awarded Project: Dye Removal from Denim Textile Wastewater by a Combinative Adsorption and Regeneration System

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This project adopts an integrative approach to remove indigo dye from textile wastewater. It combines the process of dye adsorption and adsorbent regeneration. The system uses alumina-based adsorbents as efficient dye adsorbent materials. Once the adsorbent material is saturated, it is regenerated through ozonation for reuse.

Indigo dye plays a significant role in denim production but the use of indigo dye in denim production can have environmental implications. Wastewater generated during denim fabric dyeing can pollute water if not properly treated. This combinative process improves water quality and reduces adsorbent solid waste and cost, making it an environmental-friendly and cost-effective indigo dye treatment method.