Trial: Intelligent Compression Stockings for Elderly Centre

Intelligent Medical Compression Stocking Small

This project aims to conduct a trial of intelligent compression stockings, which have been developed using our key technologies in the project “High Precision Intelligent Customisation System for Medical Pressure Garments. These compression stockings are designed using our proprietary morphing leg mannequin that are customised to suit the different legs requirements. In collaboration with the local NGO Helping Hand, several trials will be conducted in an elderly centre to assess the effectiveness of these customised compression stockings in providing support elderly individuals who are at risk of developing edema.

How does medical compression stockings relieve edema?

Edema is a common condition affecting the lower limbs of elderly individuals whose blood circulation have been degraded, as well as people who spend prolonged periods standing or sedentary lifestyles. Wearing medical compression stockings can promote active health of lower limbs, however, there is absence of customised compression stockings in the market that assists edema reduction. The application of these innovative technologies in making intelligent compression stockings can further promote the manufacturing of customised compression stockings for commercialisation.


These intelligent compression stockings can provide support for individuals at risk of developing edema and other associated lower limb conditions. 

Industry Benefit

Our proprietary system enables manufacturers to produce high quality customised medical compression stockings. This system consists of a morphing leg mannequin designed according to German standard RAL-GZ387. It is equipped with 22 sensors, ensuring accurate pressure measurement. The morphing leg mannequin can replicate 35 common leg sizes and shapes in German standard.

Project Name (ITF)

Trial: Intelligent compression stockings for promoting active health

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