Wearable Electronic for Better Quality Community Care of the Elderly II

Elderly Clothes Made Of Nu Torquetm Yarn With Gps Tracking Functions
Elderly wearing clothes made of Nu-TorqueTM yarn with GPS tracking functions

This project aims to develop new sets of outer apparel made of Nu-Torque cotton yarn embedded with detachable GPS tracker and BLE device to be provided by LSCM and ASTRI. Based on the research results of previous trial, this project will provide wearable devices tracking elderly people both in outdoor and indoor, thus enable location of lost elderlies easily and efficiently, improve the productivity of caretakers, enhance elderly caring service for organizations such as TWGHs.


If the elderly resident is wearing the outer apparel and then leaves the centre without warning, the RFID reader will ring the alarm and the staff members can find them as soon as possible. The built-in GPS and iBeacon tracking system also help caretakers easily manage the elderly whereabouts wherever they are during outdoor activities.

Project Name (ITF)
Wearable Electronics for Better Quality Community Care of the Elderly (Phase II) -- Trial: Finer Nu-Torque Cotton Yarn Production (II)
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