Inventions Geneva

47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2019) - Gold Medal

Awarded Project: Eco-friendly Cellulosic Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP)

The International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva is the world’s largest annual event devoted exclusively to inventions and the licensing market. 

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Absorboost is a cellulosic superabsorbent polymer (C-SAP) converted from cotton textile waste. It is developed using the Green Machine (hydrothermal treatment) to recycle cotton textile waste. While agriculture accounts for 70% of all freshwater withdrawals globally, Absorboost can retain soil moisture under extreme weather condition (e.g. drought and over-rain) with its huge absorbency, thus reducing water consumption in irrigation and benefitting cotton farming. Its water release and retention function can be reused on both sunny and rainy days.

The use of Absorboost in cotton plantation is a bio-friendly and close-the-loop attempt that contributes to a sustainable fashion industry. It is a response to the rapid growth of the world’s population coupled with the rapid changes in fashion trends are resulting in more and more textile waste.